Basement Finishing

Finish Basement TorontoWhen you already decided what the basement is going to be used for, the plans are laid out, the room divisions and facilities are chosen, it’s time to begin the decorative side of the renovation process – Basement Finishing. We, as experts in this field, have all that you need for this project!


The simplest solution, when applicable, is to refresh your floor. Many types of flooring can be rebuffed, polished and lacquered to make them look like new and save you money in the process. If you are set on laying new flooring, then type you need depends on the intended use of the space. Choose between hardwood, laminate, ceramic, porcelain and more. We have a floor type for any intended need. The billiard room or wine cellar should have laminate or hardwood, while the home theater or children’s playroom will be much cozier with a carpeted floor. We offer a vast variety of flooring types and color combinations, all within a great price range that will accommodate most any customer.


Home Reno Plus will replace, refresh and remove mold from your drywall and will finish them with the color, wallpaper or tile of your choice. Also, we will take care of old wiring and refresh plugs and switches as needed.

Basement Lightening and Wall  RefinishingAs to the walls color – different hues can be used to create a feeling of depth and increase the sensation of space in the rooms, make a room more cozy or vibrant. For more exquisite interior design, the use of different colors in different rooms is recommended. A children’s playroom will be good to paint in vibrant and happy colors, such as green and blue. A creamy pastel quality can help create a feeling of calm, if the children are still toddlers. The wine cellar or billiard room can be made classy if finished using combinations of brown red and purple. This way you can make the place feel like you are in a pub or even a restaurant.


The two things you need to choose are the color, and the lighting fixtures. Did you know a blue ceiling creates a feeling of lightness and even inspires an increase in intellectual activity in children? And even if you still want to stick to the plain white default, we can offer a variety of textures to make it more pleasant to the eye.

Lighting can change the way we feel in a space, and is especially important in basement finishing projects, where the access to sunlight is limited. We offer a huge variety of light fixtures of all kinds, including favorite energy saving LED and Halogen lights.

This was a review of the main points, but there are many more choices to be made, such as windows, doors, types of drywall and more. We will be glad to walk you through the process and accommodate any need and desire you may have.

Call us now for a free consultation, and we will get your basement finishing project on the road!