Basement Renovations

Are you looking for a reliable contractor to renovate your basement? Look no further.The basement is a world in it’s own. Many people now are coming to realize the vast potential of a space that until recently was used to dump the stuff we don’t usually need but aren`t quite ready to dispose of. With the growing prices for real estate of any kind, it’s becoming crucial to utilize space properly. This is why many innovative techniques for Basement Renovations are being invented and implemented by specialists worldwide and in Toronto, to make sure that every square foot is utilized in the best way possible.

Basement Renovation Options

Basement Renovations Richmond HillThe household is growing and you need an extra room? When moving to a bigger house is a pricey solution, you can always look to the basement as a great viable solution for this. You can turn the basement into a playroom and TV room for your kids and guests, this way clearing space upstairs for other uses.

Don’t worry about the sun and air access – we offer amazingly efficient window installations that will make your basement as brightly lit and aerated as an outdoor patio on a sunny day!

Another great thing that many people discover, is that  the basement can be turned into a separate unit all by itself. Imagine the amazing savings you can generate if you sublet part of your place to a tenant. In some cases, as much as half of your mortgage can be paid by the rent money you will be getting this way!

Additional Room in the BasementAll you need to do is contact us, get an estimate and we will plan and do all the work of installing the right features, such as a kitchen sink, bathroom, shower and everything else a tenant will need. Then we make a side entrance (which some homes already have) and there you have it! A completely separate unit that you can use for renting out or helping your kids to “move out on their own” in safe mode, or accommodating guests in an extra comfortable way.

Of course, the basement can simply be a source of increase in lifestyle! Many people enjoy a great living by turning their basements into home theaters, billiard rooms or even wine cellars. Imagine the pride and enjoyment you will feel when you are entertaining guests and can boast having your own wine storing facility just below the dining area!

The designs for your project depend entirely on you. We can take care of everything, from floor to ceiling, replacing (or refinishing) hardwood floors, installing new drywall and wallpaper, water taps and new windows for better sun intake.

With a vast experience in basement renovations, Home Reno Plus guarantees that we will turn the basement into a space you will love to enter and will be proud and happy to show or rent out. All the work will be done in the shortest time frames possible and using the best innovative techniques and materials.

Call us now for a free estimate on your project and more!