Bathroom Tiling

Want to refresh the look and feel of your bathroom? Changing the bathroom tiling can be a great way to achieve this! Tiles are the most dominant element of the bathroom and a very important choice. The one thing that should be in common in any circumstances is the choice of contractor. Home Reno Plus is a vastly experienced team of professionals that will walk you through the process in an effortless way, providing all the necessary guidance and advice.

Popular materials

Bathroom Re-tiling Services

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are very similar in nature, with several small differences – Porcelain tiles tend to have less imperfections than Ceramic tiles, exhibit a lower rate of water absorption and have better density, which makes them more durable. Both tile types, however, have the benefit of being available in any size, shape or color, since they are manufactured.

Glass and Terracotta tiles are becoming a very popular choice. Glass tiles have low water absorption rate, their price is attractively low and they are easy to clean. It also comes in many colors and shapes, which provides a very good space for creative designs. Terracotta is a brownish red tile that has a higher water absorption rate and is not recommended inside the shower, but will look very nicely as a surface of the vanity or on the walls. It is becoming a very sought after tlie choice due to it’s nicely affordable price and the rustic appeal.

Bath Tub Tiling by HomeRenoPlus

Slate and Marble are a very recommended tile choice for the high end design. Installing them can literally make you feel like you are staying in a 5 Star Hotel. The choices of color and texture are very rich as well. The difference between them is the water resistance. Marble is recommended for the bathroom floor, while slate can be safely used where there is direct contact with water. Combinations of them produce absolutely stunning effects..

Color Combination Themes

Seashell, where soft browns combine with creamy beige tones and create an atmosphere of soothing calm. Many ceramic tile types or terracotta will work nicely in such a design, especially with a wooden or bamboo vanity. Complete it with brass taps and a slate tiling in the shower and you have created your perfect island getaway. You can almost hear the sound of surf brushing against the sandy seashore!

Tiling Bathroom Floor and Walls

Modern is economical and sleek. Whites, blacks and chrome are dominant. Perfect with porcelain and glass tiles, this design is clean and refreshing. Common among young professionals who want to keep it fresh and functional. Add a touch of red and it is perfect.

Classical bathroom designs come in many different colors, among which are the opulent red or violet. From the affordable ceramic to the high end classy marble, this design will generate a feeling of staying in a high class hotel. Complete it with draperies and brass metalwork and you will feel pampered every time you enter to use it.

There is much more that we can tell and offer you when it comes to bathroom tiling, so call us now, get a free estimate and we’ll get your dream bathroom in no time!