Custom Cabinets Installation

Want the perfect way way to make a small space bigger and a big place bigger still? One of the most important things in our homes is storage. In a society where property size is becoming steadily smaller, this is becoming even more important. We have storage for clothes, storage for tools, storage for toys and storage of cosmetics and toiletry. We are surrounded by an army of wardrobes, cupboards, closets and other storage places that are necessary, but are often cumbersome and not really very efficient. Custom cabinets installation will help to eliminate useless furniture and optimize you living space to leave more air in the room.

Toronto Custom Cabinets InstallationThis one has drawers that are too narrow, and that one is too large. You go to a furniture store and nothing, nothing seems to be quite what you need for your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom storage needs! Well, here are the good news – you don’t need the furniture dealers to solve this one for you.

What we offer is a universal custom cabinets installation in your new or existing home that will rid you of the necessity to look for pre-made storage furniture again for ever. Every room can be equipped with custom made cabinets. They will be designed and built with your specific needs in mind, will have the exact capacity you need and will be made for just the things you use.

This can apply to all of your home. Of course, there is the very obvious benefit in custom made kitchen cabinets (as we describe in detail in the related section of our site). Many people are getting custom made bathroom cabinets and vanities. But we also have, and use storage places all around the house, such as in the basement, the attic, the study and others, too.

Seat With Extra Storage InsideYou can have a highly specialized custom storage for hardware, with special hangers and built-in electrical outlets for power tools and even a foldable work surface that you can put away when you are done using it. Custom cabinets installation can be useful in the garage and in the basement, as well.

A built-in storage area specially designed for the household cleaning supplies, with hangers for the tools and sliding shelves to store more products are also a blessing. Custom bedroom cabinets can make your life significantly easier by having an in-built ironing board and iron on a sliding rail that can be taken out and put away with ease. Imagine your wardrobe closet being significantly more space-efficient. It can probably store twice more things or take up twice less room!

And how about a customized storage for those surfing and skiing gear that otherwise clutters wherever it is sitting at the moment and keeps falling on innocent passers by? Custom cabinets installation can solve even that, by placing them on a flat shelf that will be raised to the ceiling and lowered from there when you need to get them!

There are many more ways that installing custom cabinetry can make your life easier by efficient use of space, so visit our gallery or give us a call to get more details on rates, materials and finishes options!