Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want a kitchen that will be a pleasure to use? One that will easily store anything and at the same time will make every part of it conveniently accessible? Want to escape the grey world of boring colors and uniform designs? Whether you are renovating an existing kitchen or building a new one from scratch with custom kitchen cabinets, no matter. We, at Home Reno Plus, can make this happen.

Basement Kitchen InstallationOf course you want your kitchen to be the heart and hearth of your home. You spend so much time there, that it affects your overall lifestyle. Many people dine and snack in the kitchen, which turns it into the room that we spend the most time in.

The problem is that most kitchens have inconveniently placed appliances, dull looking cabinet doors, narrow dining surfaces and hardly reachable storage spaces. The good news is, there is so much you can do to make your kitchen come alive. All you need is custom kitchen cabinets, when you are the one deciding what goes where and what colors and materials will be used! Let’s see how we can turn your kitchen into a place that you will love to enter.

First of all, you decide on the layout. Whether you want the sink near the window, where you want the garbage bin located, and the electrical appliances installed. Deciding on, and designing the custom layout is the first and most important part of ensuring you will love using your kitchen.

What We Do
1. Install the electric outlets exactly where you need them
2. Prepare spaces where the oven, microwave and dishwasher are going to go
3. Set up lights in drawers and over the countertops for your convenience
4. Install a sink that will have all the modern features that you require
5. Add sliding elements, rotating surfaces and other accessibility features

We are always open to discuss and work on custom projects which require more effort and time!

Materials We Use

Kitchen Renovation and RemodelingYou can choose to build your dream kitchen from Hardboard, MDF, Plywood, Particle Board and of course, the all time favorite – Natural Wood, in many varieties of it’s own. Some materials are more costly and some less and it will affect their durability and appearance. However we assure you that there is a standard of quality that we absolutely guarantee, and you will, in any case, enjoy a beautiful product for many years to come.

Finish by choosing handles and taps in accordance with the color and pattern of your new custom kitchen cabinets, and a nice counter surface and backsplash tile to complement the overall effect and there you have it!

Contact Home Reno Plus for more information and visit our online gallery. Your dream kitchen is a phone call away!