Custom Woodworking

Need to repair custom cabinet? Front porch stairs need replacement? About time to change or fix that exterior trim? There are many things in many homes that are made of wood, and most often than not you need a professional woodworker to treat, fix or replace them. Believe us when we say, a job well done is one that you don’t need to do again, and only  a professional renovation company, such as Home Reno Plus can guarantee this. Our years of experience in working with wood of all kinds is an asset that we take pride in and you can trust.

At HomeRenoPlus we offer various kinds of custom woodworking services:

  • – Exterior Wooden Trim Repair and Installation
  • – Windows and Doors Installation and Repair
  • – Custom Cabinetry
  • – Libraries
  • – Home theaters
  • – Fireplaces
  • – Closet organizers/Storage
  • – Vanities
  • – Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinishing
  • – Crown Molding / Baseboard Installation
  • – Framing and Sub Floor Installation and many more…

custom woodworking beforeWhen it comes to custom woodwork, you can’t go wrong by taking extra caution. All those jobs require expertise and care, and you want them to be done well to preserve your property and ensure prolonged comfortable living for the members of your household.

The Exterior Wooden Trim is the first line of defense from the heat, humidity and cold. Wood is a natural material and over time it naturally gets worn. It warps under extreme weather conditions and it’s water resistance withers. That’s when the trim can start going bad. Homeowners need to recognize the time to do some serious repairs, before damage from the rot spreads and becomes very hard to eliminate. We can help you localize and minimize the problem by removing and replacing rotten Trim and treating the still untouched yet exposed surfaces of old Trim to allow them to last longer.

custom woodworking afterAs to Wooden Windows and Doors – we cannot stress enough the importance of professional work. Good workmanship will guarantee that your home is well insulated and safe from hazards and heat loss. Of course, we also offer amazingly beautiful custom doors and window frames in natural wood that you will simply love to come home to!

Interior custom woodworking is very a important, and popular home improvement aspect. The miracles you can work by simply refinishing the hardwood floors around the house, installing new custom carved wood railings along the stairs and even a wooden fireplace mantel are amazing. The house can gain an inside glow that will be your pride for years. Adding wooden interior doors will turn it into a real mansion.

The same goes, and even more so, for frame and sub floor installation. You want custom woodworking that will last and will be the foundation of your house for many many decades. Call us for a free estimate and we will improve your home tomorrow!