General Home Improvement

Looking to improve your quality of living and increase the value of your property? There are many ways to make your home fresher, brighter and more beautiful.


Enliven your home with exterior painting, new fence railing, a nice wooden stair leading to the front porch or patio, garden lights or an automatic garage door. Interlocking or concrete pathways can be mended, replaced or cleaned and buffed to freshen them up. Bigger, more energy efficient windows can be a good general home improvement idea, too. And while we are at it, why not turn that patio into a sun room that you will be able to enjoy even on a winter day? We also fix roofs, gutters, repair chimneys, seal window leaks and soundproof rooms. Need more space? We can build a shed or even guest house in the backyard, or create extra storage space in the attic.


Custom Home RenovationIt can work miracles if you decide to refinish (polish and repaint) your hardwood floor or lay a luxurious new one, change
carpets and refresh the paint on the stairway. We repair and install closet and interior doors, offer a great variety of wallpaper designs and paint colors and install columns and fireplace mantels that will make the living room feel like the inside of a mansion! Higher end general home improvement projects can include marble floors and brass or wrought iron metalwork on stair railings and windows.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation TorontoWe can upgrade your bathroom and kitchen by installing new sinks and taps, enliven the rooms with vibrant new tiles in various designs and color combinations, install a new bathroom vanity or custom cabinetry. Imagine a design upgrade for your bathroom or kitchen that is so new, fresh and unique, that it turns what was once a dull functional space into a sparkling joyful soap bubble. The kitchen can be entirely redone into a functional paradise that you will love to be in, complete with all the modern gadgetry – moving, sliding and rotating shelves, super efficient cleverly installed appliances and much, much more.

Basement and Attic

Basement Lightening and Wall RefinishingTo keep it clean, dry and safe, you may want to get the basement waterproofed and insulated. The basement and attic are very prone to be your house’s heat drains – taking care of their insulation can get you hundreds of dollars in yearly savings. The electrical systems down there can often use some attention too, to make sure it does not present any surprises during harsh weather and power dropdowns. In addition, our team of experts can offer mold removal, rewiring, installing electrical outlets and light fixtures at great rates. Another great thing to do with your basement is to turn it into a separate unit or a specialized space (such as billiard room or home theater). You can read about it in our basement renovations and basement finishing sections.

Call us now to get more information on general home improvement today and raise your standard of living tomorrow! Home Reno Plus is at your service.