Kitchen Renovations

Tired of the old kitchen design and want a new one? Need to just refresh the paint and change the tiling? Planning a complete overhaul? You came to the right place! Your kitchen can be made to look a million times better (and add value to your property!) with the Home Reno Plus renovations team! There are few points to consider before you start your kitchen renovation project:

Basement Kitchen Installation1. Efficiency. A bigger kitchen is spacier by default, but with the available variety of cabinetry solutions and clever drawers, we can make any space efficient and easy to use. Space is utilized to the fullest, everything is accessible and the appliances are located in the best way possible. The right planning and smartly installed appliances can turn your kitchen chores into an easy and fun activity.

2. Kitchen Cabinets Style. The custom designs vary in size, material and color but have one thing in common – we will make sure you get a kitchen you will enjoy using. Choice of material goes hand in hand with the physical layout, and we offer to choose between wood, compressed plywood, stainless steel and more. Natural wood can be customized and painted in any color, or varnished to retain it’s natural luster. Plywood is very customizable too and comes at a more affordable rate. Stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular in kitchen renovations, since it is very durable and simple in cleaning and maintenance. Wood and plywood cabinets offer a wider variety of colors and designs, while steel is a great choice for the modern style kitchen and is popular in urban centers and among young professionals.

Modern Kitchen With Bar Table3. Wiring and plumbing. No matter what the size of your project is, making sure your wiring and piping is renovated is important. You want it to last long and create no complications, so let us take care of this for you while we are at it.

4. Tiles are a world of their own. Marble, Ceramic, Porcelain and Slate are just a few of the varieties we offer. Marble and Slate are great for countertops and will look amazing on the walls as well, while ceramic and porcelain offer a truly amazing variety of colors and textures.

5. Lighting is also a very important element of the kitchen renovation plan. Cleverly placed lights can make the kitchen elegant and easy to use. We offer a great variety of lights, pot lights and chandeliers that will brighten your cooking and dining experience and look good with any design.

Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling 6. Another thing that you need to decide on is between open concept and traditional layout. Open concept is great for combined kitchen and dining areas, while closed kitchens work well if you have a separate dining room. A combination of the two is easily achieved in some cases by making a window in the kitchen wall with a nice counter, allowing to serve food through it and even dine “on the bar”, making cocktail parties even more exquisite.

There are many more ways to enliven your kitchen by our team of kitchen renovations experts and we will be glad to share them with you! Call us to get a free consulting, and we will get your project going!