Small Kitchen Design

Have a small kitchen design and need to increase its usability? Looking for an expert that will take your tiny kitchen and turn it into something more spacious? We can do that! Our team of professionals will be happy to apply its many years’ worth  of experience and make sure every inch of your kitchen is put to good use. You’d be amazed at the veritable miracles that we had achieved with clever use of cabinetry, sliding doors and other tricks that make even the farthest nook (the one that you don’t use at all because it’s hardly reachable) available for easy and convenient use.

Kitchen Before HomeRenoPlus RenovationDeeper overhead storage cabinets can free up that crucial counter space that you need so much for cooking. Add shelving on the wall to store appliances that you are not using on a daily basis, such as the food processor, blender and toaster oven, and free up even more preparation space this way.

Some kitchens can benefit from making a “window” that will partially open it to the living room. This window is often equipped with a wide countertop that can serve as a bar or even dining area, producing an exquisite dining experience. It can also make your life easier by serving food through it during parties or using it as a drinks station, too.

Basement Kitchen InstallationWe can create and install custom cabinetry that will slide, rotate and make everything easily accessible and a pleasure to use. Extruding cutting and preparation boards that can be folded away when not in use are also an asset in any small kitchen design. There is a variety of sink designs with extractable water hoses and built-in foldable dish drying racks that will make your life much, much easier, too!

We can also recommend several microwave-oven combinations and install the stovetop cooking panels separately, allowing you to put them away when not in use. Of course, all appliances can be fully integrated into the cabinet design, and smaller appliances can be chosen to free up space, too. If you want a dine-in kitchen, a good idea is to use one of the counters as an interchangeable cooking/dining surface with chairs that can be easily and fully put or folded away.

Another way to make a small space work better is to use light and color to produce a visual effect of spaciousness. No one likes a dark kitchen that feels even smaller than it really is. Cleverly placed lights, especially positioned directly over the counters, together with vibrant tile colors (combining orange and blue is a great way to create that happy “sunny day in the fields” feeling even in a very small space).

There are many more tricks and techniques we can offer and apply for small kitchen design, all of which can make your life easier and transform the cooking activity into a fun experience. Call us now to get a free consultation! Your dream kitchen is only a call away.