Modern Kitchen With Bar Table
Modern Kitchen With Bar Table

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Our company was established in 1995 to provide professional quality re-modeling services for affordable cost. We specialize in both commercial and residential renovations projects across the GTA and York Region. HomeRenoPlus proves that high quality should not necessarily mean high cost.

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Basement Renovations

Are you looking for a reliable contractor to renovate your basement? Look no further. The basement is a world in its own. Many people now are coming to realize the vast potential of a space that until recently was used to dump the stuff we don’t usually need but aren`t quite ready to dispose of.

Basement Finishing

When you already decided what the basement is going to be used for, the plans are laid out, the room divisions and facilities are chosen, it’s time to begin the decorative side of the renovation process – basement finishing. We, as experts in this field, have all that…

Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house. In it, we need to feel secure and comfortable. This is where we begin our day, preparing for work or school, and that is where we wash off the day’s tension and worries after coming home again.

Bathroom Tiling

Want to refresh the look and feel of your bathroom? Changing the bathroom tiling can be a great way to achieve this! Tiles are the most dominant element of the bathroom and a very important choice. The one thing that should be in common in any circumstances is…

Kitchen Renovations

Tired of the old kitchen design and want a new one? Need to just refresh the paint and change the tiling? Planning a complete overhaul? You came to the right place! Your kitchen can be made to look a million times better and add value to your property with the HomeRenoPlus…

Small Kitchen Design

Have a small kitchen and need to increase its usability? Looking for an expert that will take your small kitchen and turn it into something more spacious? We can do that! Our team of experts will be happy to apply its many years’ worth of experience and…

General Home Improvement

General home improvement projects can be done in bits and stages, when you have time and funds allow. Such home improving projects are divided into two main categories: practical and decorative. They can often combine, but one aspect is usually more dominant than the other.

Custom Cabinets Installation

Want the perfect way way to make a small space bigger and a big place bigger still? One of the most important things in our homes is storage. In a society where property size is becoming steadily smaller, this is becoming even more important. We have storage for clothes…

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want a kitchen that will be a pleasure to use? One that will easily store anything and at the same time will make every part of it conveniently accessible? Want to escape the grey world of boring colors and uniform designs? Whether you are renovating an existing…

Custom Woodworking

Need to repair cabinets? Front porch stairs need replacment? About time to change or fix that exterior trim? There are many things in many homes that are made of wood, and most often than not you need a professional woodworker to treat, fix or replace them.